The Gaming Industry

I know very little of the industry besides that is is a competitive and constantly evolving marketplace. So I found someone with inside experience to answer some questions I had!

Interview with Professor Jon A. Preston
professor jon a preston spsu

 Coordinator for the Bachelors of Science Computer Game Design degree program at Southern Polytechnic. 

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How many years have you worked in the gaming industry?

“I’ve been here at Spsu for now this is my 6th year and prior to that I have been working in software doing independent contract work.”

What is your favorite aspect of the industry?

“I guess the most favorite would be the creativity…People can really relate to gaming fairly easily so that’s really fun.”

What is your least favorite?

“Probably the downside would be that there’s a standard of life issue when you’ve got a title that you have to release,  you really have to put a lot of time  into to meet the deadline.

Any current trends you have taken interest in?

“Sure I think mobile is huge! .. Not only do we have millions of these devices out there but if I’ve only got a few minutes I can turn on my phone or tablet and I can play a quick game.”

Advice for those starting out in the industry?

“It’s more than just having an idea because everyone has an idea, you have to be able to put that onto paper.. If you want to be successful do well in your classes and beyond that get connected with student groups. We actually have student clubs here involved in  game development  and engage in activities like our Global Game Jam. ”

What’s your favorite game?

“I grew up in the 80’s on old school RPGs so I’ll go back on my roots and say the Ultima series. I’ve  most recently enjoyed playing games with my kids  and going through RPGs we played Ni no Kuni and just picked up Kingdom Hearts: Remix yesterday so looking forward to playing that, ”

Professor Preston was really cool and knowledgeable. When thinking about popular gaming methods I completely overlooked casual gaming, but they have such a huge impact on the industry. Thanks so much for your insight Professor Preston!!

Professor Preston’s site
Click for more information about the spsu game development club!
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